All our products are soft and comfortable to wear, washable, child friendly, non-toxic, and available in different colours and sizes for the left and right hand (excluding the X-10-DA-Thumb Splint Kit which is for the right hand only).

Opens the hand for weight bearing by straightening the fingers. A non-slip surface facilitates weight bearing and a hard insert to prevent the fingers bending. It can also be used for constraint induced movement therapy on the unaffected hand.

Opens the thumb for function to facilitate gripping of objects and participating in activities with their peers.

The splinting kit contains a sample of 3 sized thumb abduction splints (small, medium & large) to aid clinicians in the prescription of splinting. Ideal for therapists to use as a trial in therapy before ordering for a child. Easy and practical to use as the three thumb abduction splints are stored in a single box. Only available for the right hand.

A lightweight splint for upper and lower limbs. Sturdy inserts that facilitate the straightening of affected limbs

Funki Grip
Coming soon!

Watch the space to find out more about our Funki Grip and how it can aid in the daily functioning of people living with disabilities.